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New to the Community... [05 Dec 2005|01:02pm]

Degree: BA in Psychology from Edinboro University (http://www.edinboro.edu) - with a concentration in Mental Health and a minor in English.

Current Occupation: Mall Worker/Build-A-Bear Workshop/Bear Builder/Sales Associate

Used Skills from College:
*maybe* five whole percent. I dabble in excell just to keep current and use psychology tips in dealing with crazy parents.

Career Plans:
Yeah - seriously no clue. Ideally I'd like to get into and attend Grad School. I'm not sure what for i.e. general psychology counseling, mental health, drug. or even forensics. I've also thought about attending a local certification program at a community college in addictions certification. But GRE's, GPA and money are my major obstacles.

Degree Woes:
Woes... well aside from on job interviews that i've been on where I've flat out been told that I picked one of the 3 worst degrees (theatre, sociology, psychology) and that because soc and psych fight over who's ground is whose. and that in order to get a job within psyc i need my masters (see above)

Degree Pluses:
Overall, during my college education I met some really awesome and informative professors, I learned alot.
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[28 Nov 2005|02:29pm]

Hi all! I'm new and here are my specs...

Degree: AA in Sociology from Fullerton College BA in Sociology with Minors in Anthropology and African American Studies from UCLA

Current Occupation: NONE!!!! I had a job while in school that really prepared me well for the types of positions I am looking for, however, since school district hiring process takes FOREVER and a day I have been jobless for two months now! Can you believe it? Education+Experience= a lot of interviews and waiting...waiting...waiting... A friend of mine applied to work for LAUSD and they called her back with a job offer ONE YEAR LATER!!!! She was heading off to New York for her Master's when they called! NUTS!

Used Skills from College:
10% only because I am taking an online course from a local community college which is pretty much like I'm back in college for a very small portion of my week but I regressed to sophomore year. Otherwise I just do laundry, clean house, waste time on myspace and live journal, and go out with friends.

Career Plans:
I'm trying to get into grad school to get a master's in counseling. I'd like to become a community college counselor. Besides that I also would like to dance professionally, I hope to be able to do both. I hate the GRE (I think its against my religion) and will only take it again if I don't get accepted to any programs this year.

Degree Woes:
Ok so at my old job I was making 10 bucks an hour, well I graduate apply around and get one job offer! I was so excited and then the lady calls and says "with JUST A BA we can only pay you 10 bucks an hour" I was like what the? JUST a BA? and I have a friend that works for the same company and she is getting paid 45,000 a year and she also has "JUST A BA" it really ticked me off that she said that. So I wouldn't take the position because they were asking too much of me for what they were paying.

Degree Pluses:
Well I really enjoyed my entire college experience, I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for me going to Community College, transferring to UCLA, and then studying abroad in Spain. All of my classes were interesting and I luckily had really good professors.

College changed my entire perspective on my life and this world and I am really glad I'm not who I was in high school. I look at some of my friends that didn't go to school and I dunno even though I'm jobless and they aren't I think they are always gonna feel like they missed out on something by not going to school. However I am really frustrated at this point because I'm not sure what to do next! I feel like every step I take and decision I make is leading me down a different path! I'm not completely sure where I wanna go so I feel like I'm going in circles.

When we are all 50 yrs old I wonder will any of this stuff that stresses us out now matter to us?
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Whine [10 May 2004|03:33pm]

They're raising tuition again. I get absolutely NO FINANCIAL AID whatsoever because my income is apparently too high when approximately half of my income goes to rent and the other remainder goes towards paying off bills including paying off the principal for my current student loan. I just got denied for the rest of this year for aid. And my parents help with absolutely nothing but VISA has come a long way, baby.

I'm hoping that once I graduate, I can get out of my shithole job and move on to better things.
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[03 May 2004|05:08pm]

[ mood | ~*informative*~ ]

hi, i'm new.

for a long time, i really felt like i wasted my time...i was on this psychotic mental track to graduate with a ba in psyche, get a masters and phd in law, and have a practice. and then i took the lsat. and my life ended. basically. so for over a year, i've been milling about, scratching my ass, completely PISSED OFF at how i was doing nothing with my life...hell, i can't even remember what year it is (i feel like i've been in a fucking time warp)...i can't do anything with a ba in psyche except MAYBE be a high school guidance counselor...and God knows they don't get enough appreciation or acknowledgement that they deserve...PLUS, i hated my dumbass high school guidance counselors. they never guided me anywhere.

i'm really the only person in my immediate circle of friends with a degree...i used to think it was like a special badge or something, but it's not. it's bullshit.

ANYWAY, with that said, i'm trying to get my life on track (i'm not exactly sure HOW pessimistic this community is), i'm planning on taking the gre (and i'm so incredibly test-phobic)...has anyone here taken it? any tips (besides having a shot of tequilla before i walk in the door)?

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Hello all. [20 Apr 2004|10:40pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Hi. This community sums up my life to a perfect T.

After a very successful, 'glittering' high school career (only tarnished through depression and complete lack of caring - I'm one of those annoyingly bright people who don't have to put out much effort to pass anything - still graduated with a 4.0) fuelled by my parents' dreams for what my future career was to be (corporate lawyer), I wound up in a small no-name liberal Arts college because I turned down Boston U, and Georgetown didn't want me.

Wouldn't you know it, I decide to run away from it all, cut a deal with my dad to spite my mother (they were going through a vicious divorce), and enroll in University here in England?

I got involved in an abusive relationship, never went to class (in the four years I went to university, I probably attended 32 classes - the first day and the day of the finals), and somehow managed to get a BA(honours) American Studies and History, 2.1 (very high classed-degree).

Now... I am moving back to America, I can't get hired in the UK because I've got zero work experience, I did nothing in University leadership-wise, and what is an American Studies and History degree worth to an American? Nothing. What will it be worth in America? Nothing.

I wasted the past 6 years of my life bouncing from America to England, trying to run away and only succeded in getting a piece of crap degree to put behind my name.

I am quickly beginning to realise that I need to learn that fameous phrase that started off so many illustrious careers....

May I take your order please, and would you like to super-size that?

Anyway, I hope that my degree (and life) is wasted enough to join this LJ. If not, sorry to trouble you.

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[29 Dec 2003|01:25pm]

[ mood | full ]

just realized that my ten-year high school class reunion is coming up in two years from today. (give or take a few months)

not that i'm planning to go, but i better achieve something... quick.

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this boy is exhausted [13 Dec 2003|06:43pm]

lock me in / tied to work / splitting rock / cutting diamonds /100 days / with no pay / not anymore / cause i'm caught / i can't type / i can't temp / i'm way past college / no ways out / no back doors / not anymore

from the wrens ~ the meadowlands
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career retrospective [13 Dec 2003|01:01am]

i do like pants. though i am not acquainted with the snarky kind. in kindergarten they used to call me mr green jeans. strangely enough, at the time, i wore green tough skins, watched captain kangaroo, and at some point, possibly birth, acquired an irish last name. my best poem ever begins with the line 'ants in my pants at the picnic.' perhaps some of that explains my short lived college band called animal pants. my flawed logic being, "if you like animals and you like pants, you'll love animal pants!" for the last two years i have been desperately seeking a discounted pair of khaki guess jeans that look like pants to replace a worn pair i bought on clearance. i am not having much luck. one day i think i would like to work for worldwide pants.
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me [02 Dec 2003|05:38pm]

BA in English Literature with 42 hours of French classes plus an enlightening semester in Art School. One class short of a French Literature degree yet I know no French. Also took too many existential philosophy and art history classes.

Current Occupation:
Customer Service Representative at one of those DIY stores which I find to be relatively low stress (unlike my coworkers). Before, I was a subcontractor installing Audio/Video equipment until the day I came to the realization that all contractors are bipolar and I hate working in rich fuckers houses.

Used Skills from College:
Currently reading Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals during lunch breaks.

Career Plans:
Continue to flounder my way through some paintings while drinking off the clock.

Degree Woes:
Being ill.
Being in debt.
Having no career path.

Degree Pluses:
Rummaging through sorority girls dormitory dumpster.
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[28 Nov 2003|01:23am]

[ mood | tired (but not crying) ]

i thought i'd sneak in some minutes of study while cooking the thanksgiving meal. as you can probably guess, that was a stupid idea... never happened.

anyway, today marks T-minus eight days before the big test on the sixth. that means seven days available for good hard study. let's hope i can make use of that time.

anyone else studying for a standardized test at the moment?

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another obligatory intro post. [28 Nov 2003|01:47am]
[ mood | tired ]

Degree: BA in Sociology, minor in Women's Studies from SUNY Geneseo. graduated in May '03
Current Occupation: Administrative assistant / customer service representative. my pet name for my job is wormslave. i originally was thinking office slave, but then i realized that just wasn't low enough sounding.
Used Skills from College: none, unless you count analyzing everything to death and commenting on the sociological significance a skill. and maybe writing and computer literacy
Career Plans: macro level social work in some capacity. i want to change the world and be poor, heh.
Degree Woes: i'm sure i don't have to tell y'all this, but finding a decent entry-level job even somewhat related to my interests as a sociology major is damn near, if not completely, impossible. and unfortunately it's not really a degree i can go any further with, unless i want to teach and/or do research, which i do not.
Degree Pluses: i LOVED my major so much, i can't really even put it in words. i found it so fascinating, and i loved every minute of it. i also think it gave me a really good perspective on the social world and made me think critically, which i appreciate every day out here in the "real world."

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obligatory post about me [26 Nov 2003|12:08pm]

Degree: BA in art history, UCSB; AA in graphic design, Platt College (piece of shit expensive ass school); Multimedia Certification, Platt College

Current Occupation: Legal Assistant
also known as the office manager. i answer the phones, type correspondence, deal with clients, negotiate settlements, play on the internet, check my email 945974596745769 times a day.

Used Skills from College: 25%; i have been asked to do the website for my boss, and also the occasional "purdy-fying" of various office documents

Career Plans:
maybe get back into the art gig... or teach science in high school... basically, i just aspire to be as great as Andy Warhol. or Eddie Van Halen.

Degree Woes:
getting a degree as a professional art fag is tough to find a job. all the art background scares people away in normal office type jobs, but is a set back in the art realm cos of my lack of experience in the field. i have 1 year of experience working in the design field

Degree Pluses: i wow all the scenester fucktards and uncultured americans with my accurate pronounciation of the last names of european artists. when you hear me say "Le Curbusier" you will be compelled to donate all your precious bodily fluids to me.
i'm also a huge fan of russian constructivism.
El Lissitsky

the end.
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[24 Nov 2003|12:23pm]

Degree: AA in Multimedia with an emphasis on graphic design, currently finishing up school for a BA in something-something.

Current Occupation: Subscriptions Person (I don't really have an 'official' job title). I just take care of a journal database subscription for every university and public library in the US and Internationally. I also answer phones when its busy in the winter and go to Comic Con every summer.

Used Skills from College: 0.05% (the 0.05% is from helping co-workers with their computer problems)

Career Plans:
- Finish my BA.
- Get a job in something language related/politics.
- Have had thoughts on joining the Reserves afterwards for the linguist/intelligence program.

Degree Woes:
- Catch-22: Being at least 20 years in loan debt to possibly get a decent paying job that I'll work the rest of my life to pay off the debt.
- Having to go to school with people who aren't interested in learning but rather there just to fuck off because they have nothing else to do.
- Not wanting to go to Bootcamp for the Reserves.
- Sitting in class with girls who wear 'Bad Kitty' sweaters that are emblazoned with a kitten sitting in orange flames on their sleeves.
- Financial aid people who do not speak English but have a large amount of my money and have applied it to the wrong quarter.
- The registrar people who said I wasn't enrolled after I've been attending class for 3 months.
- The Government saying I cannot claim to be financially independent until I'm 24 even though I've been paying for my own food, schooling and housing and have worked and lived alone without parental monetary help since the day I finished high school.
- I'll stop and shut-up now.

Degree Pluses:
- First in my entire family to get a degree in the United States.
- Hopefully become trilingual by the time I graduate.
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i guess i'll start with a brief profile [24 Nov 2003|09:50am]

college attended: University of California at Santa Cruz
degree(s) earned: Bachelor of Arts, Politics
minored in?: Legal Studies

current occupation: intern for a financial management department of a community development agency
percentage of workload that employs the knowledge and/or skills acquired from college coursework: 30%

current career plans:
- taking the LSAT in december
- applying for analyst position in another department
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[24 Nov 2003|09:47am]

first post sucka!
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